Who Are We?

Crimson is not like any other guild you have known. Based in Australia, we raid almost half the hours of most guilds and still take out server firsts and hold the #1 rank on Caelestrasz.

That will always be our goal - competitive raid progression without the countless hours of head bashing demanded by less capable guilds. We embrace the awesomeness of the individual and encourage our people to be comfortable being themselves.

Kill Videos

thogar monk
Operator Thogar (BM Monk POV)
Flamebender Ka’graz (Hunter POV)
Hans’gar and Franzok (Mage POV)
Hans’gar and Franzok (Hunter POV)

Recruiting Now!

Are you the kind of raider that likes to compete with the best but wants to maintain a social/working/sporting/dating life?

Because if so, we are Crimson and we are the guild for you.

Please click below to check out which classes we require for our Raiding team, but just know - Crimson always has it's door open for exceptional applicants.

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