About Us

Crimson was formed early in 2010 in Wrath of the Lich King by a group of long-term, super hero best friends with a collective goal – hardcore and speedy progression on a 3 night a week schedule. We very successfully lured some of the servers most talented individuals and their respective pro acquaintances from off realm and within no time at all we established ourselves as a damn fine little raiding guild.

Cataclysm saw us secure our position as Caelestrasz’s premier 25man Raiding guild as we took out Realm First Heroic Nefarian, Chogall, Al’Akir and Sinestra and Ragnaros. But realm first success was not enough… Something was missing… people became unsettled within their pitifully weak Human, Worgen, Nelf, Gnome, Dranei and Dorf bodies. The Alliance was prospering and all the Horde’s long surviving forces had all but withered and died. Crimson had long thrived on being the underdog and Orcs say ‘Zug Zug’, so Crimson became a Horde guild on Nov 14, 2011! Here on the Horde we have thrived and are quite happy with our new digs.

Now you know our history, it’s time for the business end. As you can probably understand, with such an extremely limited time resource – hell, we raid almost half as much as most other 25man guilds – we absolutely require nothing but excellence from each and every one of our raiders if we wish to maintain our competitive push through hardmodes. As such, we are only looking for exceptional applicants with proven raid experience who maintain current theory on their respective class and spec. We also appreciate our players being able to play their hybrid specs with a relatively similar degree of competency!

That being said, Crimson is not all about the raiding. We value the unique individuality of our guild as much as we love our dragon slaying. We are welcoming of all religions, races, sexualities and creeds and have no time at all for social ignorance. Crimson is a guild where intolerance will not be tolerated and where people are free to express their individuality openly and comfortably. We endeavor to foster a fun and friendly environment and try to meet up and get drunk and rowdy as often as humanly possible.

Crimson is not like any other guild you have ever been a part of and we are proud of that :)





2565 Achievement Points | Level 25

NameRaceClassLevelRankAchievement Points
KlémTauren MaleHunter588| Rank 810290
LarcenOrc FemaleWarrior903| Rank 317640
CutletGoblin MaleRogue903| Rank 32200
DmooOrc FemaleDeath Knight908| Rank 816750
VaughanBloodElf MalePaladin858| Rank 812985
TaitabrodyTauren MaleDeath Knight882| Rank 214070
AimxoxoBloodElf FemaleHunter903| Rank 311755
KeerothTroll MaleDruid908| Rank 87405
KuriimuOrc MaleRogue908| Rank 813875
RyzarOrc MaleWarrior908| Rank 814985
WasabiTauren MalePaladin908| Rank 812030
AlluciaTroll MaleDeath Knight908| Rank 813795
TaitaOrc MaleWarlock900| Rank 014070
SilencéTroll MaleRogue908| Rank 815970
MilesanatorOrc FemaleHunter908| Rank 812360
WillòwOrc FemaleWarlock858| Rank 89405
LutuBloodElf FemalePaladin908| Rank 810290
KreearaTroll FemalePriest904| Rank 414820
GoodieTauren MaleWarrior908| Rank 818420
KonokoTroll FemaleWarlock902| Rank 215155
FatpigeonOrc MaleRogue904| Rank 421160
RagingpigeonGoblin MaleWarrior906| Rank 621160
TaitsTroll FemaleHunter442| Rank 214070
KarashiOrc FemaleWarrior902| Rank 215155
IcdedpigeonsOrc MaleDeath Knight906| Rank 621160
MilesxxGoblin FemaleShaman906| Rank 612265
AkeerarTroll FemaleDruid906| Rank 614820
GalieneUndead FemalePriest908| Rank 88215
DempsieBloodElf MalePriest908| Rank 88780
TsukabaBloodElf FemaleRogue902| Rank 215155
NarthenianTroll MalePriest906| Rank 615580
NokosaurusTroll FemaleDruid902| Rank 215155
LiquicityUndead FemaleMage902| Rank 215155
ZeffaOrc MaleShaman908| Rank 811185
RobosaurusTroll FemaleDruid904| Rank 412430
NokotrazOrc FemaleDeath Knight902| Rank 215155
GrakthanarOrc MaleHunter906| Rank 614110
FeralpigeonTauren MaleDruid906| Rank 621160
NartheenianOrc MaleHunter904| Rank 415580
BehoefteTauren MaleDruid906| Rank 615550
TaitaxoxoBloodElf FemaleWarlock172| Rank 214070
ZenaOrc FemaleDeath Knight908| Rank 88385
FrootzBloodElf FemalePaladin908| Rank 811850
FrozennarthOrc MaleMage906| Rank 615370
SckopeGoblin MaleHunter908| Rank 85030
BarryburgerzGoblin MaleMage908| Rank 813865
GrimthanarTauren MaleDruid856| Rank 614215
GouletTauren MaleDruid908| Rank 816000
GoulayeOrc MaleMage908| Rank 816000
HerpetteBloodElf FemalePaladin858| Rank 88190
TèplolBloodElf FemaleRogue908| Rank 814815
ElectrãGoblin FemalePriest866| Rank 615415
HolyhorseUndead MalePriest908| Rank 815910
DivinepigeonTauren MalePaladin906| Rank 621160
RetardpigeonTroll MaleHunter876| Rank 621160
RobogirlxoxoBloodElf FemaleDeath Knight906| Rank 613885
BazallOrc MaleShaman908| Rank 816995
FullmetalsxcGoblin FemaleWarrior908| Rank 89550
VukuOrc MaleShaman908| Rank 88385
CptmorganUndead FemaleRogue858| Rank 810195
MinorthreatBloodElf FemalePriest908| Rank 813995
GlassdarknesTauren FemalePriest458| Rank 810380
RobomuleTauren FemaleWarrior906| Rank 613885
NarthismGoblin MaleShaman906| Rank 615505
TaitapigeonUndead MaleRogue752| Rank 214070
LustiiBloodElf FemalePaladin902| Rank 215135
CrazyscotUndead FemalePriest808| Rank 87950
VukkuUndead FemaleHunter908| Rank 88385
ColsheppardBloodElf MaleDeath Knight908| Rank 87490
CoozaBloodElf FemalePriest908| Rank 811355
NartheniannUndead MaleRogue906| Rank 615515
GrimleyOrc MaleWarrior906| Rank 614120
SnakadaktalxTroll MaleDruid908| Rank 89590
EternalxBloodElf FemalePaladin908| Rank 813295
KonesanTauren MaleDruid908| Rank 84595
FortysevenOrc FemaleHunter908| Rank 810255
Lily FemaleMonk908| Rank 812375
Soysauce FemaleMonk908| Rank 812030
Bazhull MaleMonk908| Rank 816985
JasonchanceBloodElf MaleMonk908| Rank 88965
Krearea FemaleMonk806| Rank 614325
PrincipalityOrc FemaleMonk868| Rank 87950
LarxyBloodElf FemaleMonk908| Rank 819515
HorsebotUndead MaleMonk908| Rank 815910
BrewslééTauren MaleMonk906| Rank 611940
Nartheinian MaleMonk246| Rank 615580
KrilliUndead FemaleMage908| Rank 817810
TaitasattvaTauren FemaleWarrior242| Rank 214040
TaitaswiftOrc FemaleShaman902| Rank 214070
RemixedTroll FemaleMage908| Rank 816180
AphonaTroll MaleMage904| Rank 413935
JogodyOrc FemaleShaman908| Rank 87960
ScrubaltBloodElf FemaleMage868| Rank 87790
AtrophyOrc FemaleRogue908| Rank 87960
YunaqtTroll MaleDruid908| Rank 816140
ShakklesBloodElf FemalePriest908| Rank 814125
Fatterpigeon MaleMonk876| Rank 621160
KonokopopsOrc FemaleHunter902| Rank 215155
CorixaOrc FemaleShaman902| Rank 220235
FischaurUndead MaleMonk902| Rank 220235
FullmanabarTroll FemaleMage886| Rank 613875
GazzkGoblin MaleDeath Knight902| Rank 220235
BaztetOrc MaleRogue908| Rank 816565
SpakklesBloodElf FemaleMage808| Rank 812715
NerdqtTroll MaleMage902| Rank 220235
ShakknightTauren MaleDeath Knight908| Rank 82860
ShinkkoTroll FemaleHunter908| Rank 814125
BazellOrc MaleWarlock688| Rank 816220
CoriqtGoblin MaleShaman902| Rank 220235
AshenshugärBloodElf MalePaladin908| Rank 810865
GyrationTroll FemaleDruid906| Rank 620235
EhvinnTroll FemaleDruid908| Rank 816950
RailzqtOrc FemaleWarrior906| Rank 613985
Railzx FemaleMonk166| Rank 613635
BazestaBloodElf FemalePriest748| Rank 816565
DeluxeTroll FemalePriest908| Rank 815250
TenereTauren FemaleDruid906| Rank 617420
GoulachiaTroll FemaleMonk904| Rank 417465
GortaliasOrc MaleWarlock908| Rank 817265
DarthgrimOrc MaleDeath Knight904| Rank 414215
RailzlolOrc FemaleHunter904| Rank 413985
AshleycoleBloodElf FemalePaladin908| Rank 817760
DoremiGoblin FemaleDeath Knight588| Rank 812325
CrazeyxoxoTauren MaleWarrior904| Rank 414325
WolfiteTauren MalePaladin908| Rank 811215
MnemonicOrc MaleShaman906| Rank 614325
Unrealistic MalePriest908| Rank 810670
TeffsiGoblin FemaleMage904| Rank 417490
NuzudytiTauren FemaleDeath Knight906| Rank 617420
JohnshepperdBloodElf MalePaladin908| Rank 81895
TaitacranksOrc FemaleMonk172| Rank 214070
MayôrquimbyOrc MaleDeath Knight908| Rank 815165
TwominoodlêBloodElf FemalePriest908| Rank 815165
Chrusciki FemalePriest906| Rank 617420
OrìönOrc MaleHunter908| Rank 810865
EradicaUndead FemaleRogue906| Rank 617420
WilesGoblin MalePriest902| Rank 220235
MvpOrc FemaleMonk904| Rank 410375
TamalesTauren FemalePaladin906| Rank 617410
TorpyTroll MaleWarrior904| Rank 420890
SoulyouthTroll FemalePriest904| Rank 420985
TrannesmusUndead MaleWarlock908| Rank 812440
JonsnowTroll FemaleShaman902| Rank 215155
TwitchTroll MaleMage904| Rank 414295
FerorTauren MaleDruid908| Rank 816985
DivinekittyBloodElf FemalePaladin902| Rank 211950
AbronahTauren MaleWarrior906| Rank 613615
CaxamillionBloodElf FemalePaladin908| Rank 87960
CaxanovaOrc FemaleWarlock908| Rank 87960
HexiaaBloodElf FemalePriest902| Rank 213140
KworzackBloodElf MalePaladin904| Rank 411315
ZyxyzOrc FemaleDeath Knight908| Rank 87960
ÆreTroll FemalePriest904| Rank 420820
ÆreweaverUndead FemaleMonk906| Rank 620820
ÆreeOrc FemaleShaman906| Rank 620820
YogaflameOrc FemaleShaman906| Rank 614295
Monkzee MaleMonk908| Rank 83625
KhariiTroll FemalePriest908| Rank 89590
VigueurBloodElf FemalePaladin908| Rank 816905
RicevinegarGoblin MaleWarrior908| Rank 812010
PernickityTroll MaleHunter908| Rank 87960
LaleithBloodElf FemaleWarrior908| Rank 87960
YunaestaBloodElf FemalePriest908| Rank 816130
Nelise FemaleHunter908| Rank 816825
Tseini FemalePriest908| Rank 811615
CaxqtTroll MaleDruid908| Rank 87960
VisiblydampTauren MaleDeath Knight908| Rank 818190
MoonbugTroll MaleDruid336| Rank 618545
FaerlinaUndead FemaleWarlock902| Rank 215155
CungOrc FemaleHunter906| Rank 620985
TaitawizardUndead MaleMage622| Rank 214070
ItemstorageUndead MaleMage26| Rank 60
TwitchxBloodElf FemalePaladin856| Rank 614275
AjuntaBloodElf FemalePaladin906| Rank 620985
ConspirationTroll MaleDruid908| Rank 811610
RoadhouseTroll FemaleDruid908| Rank 816040
AthelstonBloodElf MalePaladin908| Rank 89665
IrìnaBloodElf FemaleMonk908| Rank 86560
GignoTroll FemaleDruid866| Rank 620975
NathanealOrc MaleWarrior904| Rank 412945
MilambërUndead MalePriest908| Rank 810885
RailzxoxoTroll FemalePriest866| Rank 613985
IjirashiiBloodElf MalePaladin906| Rank 620830
FelkittyGoblin FemaleWarlock902| Rank 211950
GingertomTauren MaleDruid908| Rank 810885
TekniqzTroll MaleShaman904| Rank 415795
TyrailzOrc FemaleWarlock906| Rank 613635
Muishi FemaleMonk908| Rank 815250
NyrissOrc FemaleShaman906| Rank 620985
HighkoTauren FemaleDruid908| Rank 815480
RehvinOrc FemaleMonk438| Rank 816825
HentiaBloodElf FemalePaladin908| Rank 815480
BekhudiOrc FemaleDeath Knight908| Rank 815480
CmooTauren FemaleWarrior908| Rank 816750
Fatgibbo MaleMonk426| Rank 620915
GoulashiaOrc FemaleWarrior906| Rank 617420
DeadaereOrc MaleDeath Knight906| Rank 620820
CrowxBloodElf FemalePaladin903| Rank 38930
SylvertongueBloodElf FemalePaladin904| Rank 419650
RajanaTroll FemaleShaman908| Rank 810160
VehemencyTroll MalePriest908| Rank 85765
ScratchaTroll FemaleDruid268| Rank 88930
MikáOrc FemaleDeath Knight908| Rank 89590
DaybreaksOrc FemaleHunter908| Rank 815480
TaitabananaOrc MaleWarrior812| Rank 214070
IcetomeatyouUndead FemaleMage586| Rank 620830
OsuUndead MaleRogue906| Rank 610375
SwegreBloodElf FemalePaladin906| Rank 620820
GrimzocOrc MaleShaman906| Rank 614215
SlapahOrc FemaleDeath Knight904| Rank 412390
MedikittyTroll FemaleDruid312| Rank 211950
ScarykittyUndead FemalePriest322| Rank 211680
PaddlinqtOrc FemaleRogue856| Rank 617020
FraggleOrc MaleDeath Knight906| Rank 620040
BangshooterBloodElf MaleHunter136| Rank 60
MaximofrezlyBloodElf MalePaladin908| Rank 811160
CrazeyxTauren MaleDruid856| Rank 614315
MugoiUndead MaleRogue908| Rank 810295
HealokittyTroll FemaleDruid902| Rank 211950
App FemalePriest904| Rank 49955
AptBloodElf FemaleWarlock906| Rank 610245
CaphisBloodElf MalePaladin622| Rank 220165
LanindisBloodElf MaleMage628| Rank 81320
RailzyBloodElf FemaleDeath Knight906| Rank 613985
IncindusOrc FemaleWarlock906| Rank 65220
BoymcgeeTroll MaleShaman208| Rank 811070
StriklineBloodElf FemaleWarrior908| Rank 811920
BradelzBloodElf FemaleMage908| Rank 811780
BazollOrc MaleMage548| Rank 816975
CleareaBloodElf FemalePriest908| Rank 815555
VascularUndead MaleRogue306| Rank 620985
StrikylBloodElf FemalePriest908| Rank 811940
RayOrc MaleMonk904| Rank 411230
AshenshúgarOrc FemaleDeath Knight908| Rank 810885
FumizoBloodElf MaleHunter288| Rank 8490
LukalukaBloodElf FemalePaladin288| Rank 88215
ÆrepewpewOrc FemaleHunter906| Rank 620820
ÆrexoxoTauren MaleWarrior906| Rank 620820
ÆrestabstabUndead MaleRogue906| Rank 620820
CursesforæreOrc FemaleWarlock906| Rank 620820
ChimichangasOrc FemaleHunter906| Rank 617420
ConsuelasOrc FemaleShaman856| Rank 617370
StriklyneBloodElf FemaleWarlock908| Rank 811940
ÆrebombsUndead FemaleMage906| Rank 620820
GoolashiaUndead FemaleWarlock906| Rank 617420
HotsndotslolTauren FemaleDruid756| Rank 617370
CrazeypooxxGoblin MaleWarrior906| Rank 614315
UglehbietchGoblin FemaleWarrior856| Rank 614260
UrmaTauren FemaleDeath Knight906| Rank 610375
ApphroTroll FemalePriest906| Rank 69955
RoboceratopsTroll MaleRogue906| Rank 613885
CorncakesOrc FemaleShaman906| Rank 617420
CorncakosOrc FemaleHunter646| Rank 617370
SolzticeOrc FemaleShaman198| Rank 816985
GoulashiTroll FemaleMage886| Rank 60
SmashismashTroll FemaleWarrior486| Rank 60
KuchikuTroll MaleMage708| Rank 810325
OpracialBloodElf FemalePaladin702| Rank 215145
RobociraptorOrc FemaleMonk906| Rank 613885
RobonodonOrc FemaleWarlock906| Rank 613885
RobognathusTauren FemaleShaman906| Rank 613885
LinzekaTroll FemaleDruid608| Rank 86490
KayukaraOrc FemaleShaman608| Rank 89710
TelephonaGoblin MalePriest906| Rank 613805
RukuUndead MalePriest858| Rank 813225
MethylOrc FemaleWarrior901| Rank 121610
ZacOrc MaleShaman904| Rank 413235
ZacmTroll FemaleDruid906| Rank 613235
ZacmxBloodElf FemalePaladin866| Rank 613225
EnzymeBloodElf FemalePaladin902| Rank 221610
IsomerOrc FemaleShaman622| Rank 221610
RadicalOrc FemaleMonk902| Rank 221610
ZacxmUndead MaleMage906| Rank 613235
DrenxzuenOrc FemaleMonk908| Rank 814475
DrenxulzOrc FemaleWarrior208| Rank 814475
FaerwynBloodElf FemalePriest908| Rank 811780
HodorzugzugTroll MalePriest906| Rank 613235
StruthxOrc MaleWarrior908| Rank 813920
StruthyUndead FemaleRogue908| Rank 813920
RamlolOrc MaleWarrior906| Rank 66300
FultyTroll FemaleMage878| Rank 80
ZmUndead MaleWarlock856| Rank 613235
AedmosOrc FemaleHunter908| Rank 811710
EtherTroll FemaleDruid852| Rank 221610
AlkaneOrc FemaleDeath Knight902| Rank 221610
HolykittyTroll FemaleDruid908| Rank 89330
HodorhodorrOrc MaleHunter906| Rank 613235
SyleriseTroll MaleDruid138| Rank 80
IsthatramlolBloodElf FemalePaladin906| Rank 66300
DukieyTroll FemaleShaman908| Rank 815055
OrcashsamsndOrc FemaleShaman426| Rank 60
UglehfacexoxOrc FemaleHunter426| Rank 614315
Kufei FemaleMonk868| Rank 815495
ZivaOrc FemaleShaman904| Rank 418455
SerjaimeBloodElf MaleDeath Knight626| Rank 613225
NoodlecartOrc FemaleMonk906| Rank 613235
YagéTroll FemaleDruid428| Rank 814475
AndyOrc MaleHunter904| Rank 46300
EarisaBloodElf FemaleRogue908| Rank 812955
NowitsramlolOrc MaleShaman906| Rank 66300
UwotTroll FemaleShaman906| Rank 69955
ZiggyzomOrc MaleShaman908| Rank 81900
HeyitsramlolBloodElf FemaleMage906| Rank 66300
TwitchexOrc FemaleWarlock906| Rank 614295
TekniqsTroll MaleWarlock906| Rank 60
SylverleafTroll FemaleDruid486| Rank 619650
BallpointOrc FemaleWarrior906| Rank 610375
GelliganTauren MaleWarrior908| Rank 813365
JerkadinBloodElf FemalePaladin906| Rank 613985
WqBloodElf MaleWarrior906| Rank 620985
Ziggyz MaleMonk908| Rank 81650
CreaturexOrc MaleWarlock98| Rank 80
StabshakGoblin FemaleRogue908| Rank 814125
KyndawgTroll FemaleShaman908| Rank 814830
RobospedOrc MaleHunter16| Rank 60
Noko FemaleMonk902| Rank 20
MoríartyOrc FemaleShaman903| Rank 38930
Wravyn FemaleMonk908| Rank 88920
TekniqezTroll MaleShaman16| Rank 60
JamTroll MaleDruid516| Rank 611230
SinadoriBloodElf FemaleMage438| Rank 89710
GrimjówBloodElf MalePaladin438| Rank 86560
IzzyottaTroll MaleDruid908| Rank 810300
LazypigeonUndead MaleMonk906| Rank 621160
FlocOrc MaleHunter32| Rank 20
AppulseTauren MaleDruid906| Rank 69955
AppropriateBloodElf MaleWarlock906| Rank 69955
Appetiser MaleMonk906| Rank 69955
AppallingBloodElf MalePaladin906| Rank 69955
BoredpigeonBloodElf FemaleMonk856| Rank 621160
TälisinTroll MaleDruid904| Rank 46410
RestosexualTroll FemaleShaman418| Rank 811755
FancypigeonBloodElf FemaleDeath Knight597| Rank 721160
KittyBloodElf FemaleHunter87| Rank 70
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