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About Us

Crimson was formed early in 2010 in WotLK by a group of friends with a collective goal – hardcore and speedy progression on a 3 night a week schedule.

With very little time at our disposal – indeed, we raid almost half as much as most other top Mythic guilds – we absolutely require nothing but excellence from each and every one of our raiders if we wish to maintain our competitive push through Mythic raiding. As such, we only recruit exceptional applicants with proven raid experience who maintain current theory on their respective class and spec.

That being said… Crimson is not all about the raiding. We prize the unique individuality of our guild as much as we do our dragon slaying. We are welcoming of all religions, races, sexualities and creeds and have no time for intolerance or prejudice. Crimson is a guild where people are free to express their individuality openly and comfortably, and we endeavour to foster a fun and friendly environment for everyone.

Crimson is a unique guild. We want to be a positive influence on the rapidly evolving world of competitive gaming, and we’d love you to be a part of that. :)



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