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Crimson was formed early in 2010 in WotLK by a group of friends with a collective goal – hardcore and speedy progression on a 3 night a week schedule.

With very little time at our disposal – indeed, we raid almost half as much as most other top Mythic guilds – we absolutely require nothing but excellence from each and every one of our raiders if we wish to maintain our competitive push through Mythic raiding. As such, we only recruit exceptional applicants with proven raid experience who maintain current theory on their respective class and spec.

That being said… Crimson is not all about the raiding. We prize the unique individuality of our guild as much as we do our dragon slaying. We are welcoming of all religions, races, sexualities and creeds and have no time for intolerance or prejudice. Crimson is a guild where people are free to express their individuality openly and comfortably, and we endeavour to foster a fun and friendly environment for everyone.

Crimson is a unique guild. We want to be a positive influence on the rapidly evolving world of competitive gaming, and we’d love you to be a part of that. :)




2630 Achievement Points | Level 25

NameRaceClassLevelRankAchievement Points
AimxoxoBloodElf FemaleHunter1006| Rank 612320
KonokoOrc MaleWarlock1006| Rank 613910
KarashiOrc FemaleWarrior906| Rank 66405
DemOrc FemaleRogue906| Rank 63395
NokosaurusTroll FemaleDruid906| Rank 64920
LiquicityUndead FemaleMage906| Rank 62235
ZenaOrc MaleDeath Knight1006| Rank 610375
LustiiBloodElf FemalePaladin906| Rank 61435
BazhullPandaren MaleMonk986| Rank 617850
AshënshugarOrc FemaleWarlock906| Rank 613015
KonokopopsOrc FemaleHunter1006| Rank 63725
CorixaTroll MaleShaman1002| Rank 221605
FischaurUndead MaleMonk946| Rank 621605
GazzkGoblin MaleDeath Knight926| Rank 621595
NerdqtTroll MaleMage926| Rank 621605
CoriqtGoblin MaleShaman916| Rank 621605
AshenshugärBloodElf MalePaladin1006| Rank 613655
GyrationTroll FemaleDruid1006| Rank 621605
BazestaBloodElf FemalePriest746| Rank 617750
DeluxeTroll FemalePriest1006| Rank 616870
TenereTauren FemaleDruid1006| Rank 618685
RailzlolOrc FemaleHunter906| Rank 60
LowristanakaOrc MaleShaman906| Rank 613565
WilesGoblin MalePriest916| Rank 621595
JonsnowTroll FemaleShaman1006| Rank 65865
FerorTauren MaleDruid916| Rank 617850
InterferenceBloodElf FemalePriest1006| Rank 67835
ÆreweaverUndead FemaleMonk1006| Rank 623750
KhariiUndead FemalePriest1006| Rank 614010
FaerlinaUndead FemaleWarlock906| Rank 62335
CungOrc FemaleHunter1006| Rank 623320
AjuntaBloodElf FemalePaladin936| Rank 623265
ConspirationTroll MaleDruid1006| Rank 611770
ViguerPandaren MaleMonk1006| Rank 617850
GignoTroll FemaleDruid906| Rank 623265
MilambërUndead MalePriest906| Rank 613035
GingertomTauren MaleDruid906| Rank 612980
MuishiPandaren FemaleMonk1006| Rank 616870
NyrissOrc FemaleShaman906| Rank 623265
FatgibboPandaren MaleMonk906| Rank 623265
ÆireBloodElf FemaleDeath Knight1006| Rank 623750
SylvertongueBloodElf FemalePaladin1006| Rank 621285
MikáOrc FemaleDeath Knight986| Rank 614010
CaphisBloodElf MalePaladin966| Rank 621605
LanindisBloodElf MaleMage1006| Rank 62795
IncindusOrc FemaleWarlock906| Rank 623105
VascularUndead MaleRogue906| Rank 623265
AshenshúgarOrc FemaleDeath Knight1006| Rank 613655
MethylBloodElf FemaleWarrior1006| Rank 623330
DrenxzuenOrc FemaleMonk1006| Rank 614895
DrenxulzOrc FemaleWarrior936| Rank 614895
RamlolOrc MaleWarrior1006| Rank 68115
SerjaimeBloodElf MaleDeath Knight1006| Rank 614375
YagéTroll FemaleDruid1006| Rank 614895
NowitsramlolOrc MaleShaman1006| Rank 68115
ApTroll FemaleShaman1006| Rank 611325
SylverleafTroll FemaleDruid1006| Rank 621275
WqBloodElf MaleWarrior916| Rank 623265
DrengoreOrc FemaleWarlock856| Rank 614865
MoríartyOrc FemaleShaman906| Rank 610105
FlocOrc MaleHunter926| Rank 621595
AppetiserPandaren MaleMonk1006| Rank 611325
OkitsramlolBloodElf FemalePriest1006| Rank 68115
RolaiOrc FemaleWarlock1006| Rank 614010
YepitsramlolUndead MaleRogue1006| Rank 68115
TherealramTauren FemaleDruid1006| Rank 68115
ShúrugaOrc FemaleMonk906| Rank 613565
OtxBloodElf FemalePaladin1006| Rank 614970
RandyOrc FemaleHunter766| Rank 69540
CostalesOrc FemaleShaman816| Rank 60
RaydenbutsonUndead MaleDeath Knight1006| Rank 612350
McsnowingtonUndead MalePriest906| Rank 61290
LarcenOrc FemaleWarrior926| Rank 620150
ShurúgaOrc FemaleShaman916| Rank 613645
SweglordxUndead MaleMonk1000| Rank 015570
MacrósUndead MaleWarlock916| Rank 613655
SlootlesTroll FemaleShaman1006| Rank 613120
PerfectBloodElf FemalePaladin1006| Rank 614805
RailzshamOrc FemaleShaman1006| Rank 614070
MoricciOrc MaleShaman996| Rank 612605
DrenxulOrc FemaleHunter1006| Rank 614895
ZeekeBloodElf FemalePaladin856| Rank 60
DrenxulzOrc FemaleRogue1006| Rank 614895
DrenxulOrc FemaleShaman806| Rank 614860
DrouzenUndead FemalePriest806| Rank 614895
KonokoOrc FemaleWarlock806| Rank 6120
FaerlinaOrc MaleWarlock806| Rank 60
PokomynokoOrc FemaleShaman806| Rank 60
LustymcgustyTroll FemaleMage806| Rank 60
NokosaurusTroll FemaleDruid806| Rank 60
JadethecarryUndead MaleMage1006| Rank 614240
SylverbladeOrc FemaleRogue1006| Rank 621285
LennoxTroll MaleRogue1006| Rank 621605
SlicknerdGoblin MaleWarlock1006| Rank 621605
SludgeBloodElf FemaleWarrior1006| Rank 621605
FrightmoreBloodElf MalePaladin1006| Rank 62795
LegosaurusTroll FemaleDruid1006| Rank 617875
PerfecteTroll FemaleMonk1006| Rank 614805
RailzadinBloodElf FemalePaladin1006| Rank 60
ScoriangenBloodElf FemaleHunter1006| Rank 620730
AerefairyBloodElf FemalePriest806| Rank 622745
ModuleBloodElf FemaleDeath Knight1006| Rank 616870
BurnteggsOrc FemaleWarrior1006| Rank 620670
RottenfruitUndead FemaleMage906| Rank 620670
InnesTauren MaleDruid1006| Rank 69555
KworzackkPandaren MaleRogue906| Rank 612620
HexiaTroll FemaleMage906| Rank 60
JerkjerkTroll FemaleMage1006| Rank 65405
SquìshUndead MalePriest1006| Rank 65310
StruthyBloodElf MaleRogue956| Rank 615060
PerfecttTroll FemalePriest1006| Rank 614755
NphmateGoblin FemaleShaman1006| Rank 69400
CairnTauren MaleWarrior1006| Rank 610375
PerffectTroll FemaleShaman1006| Rank 614705
VukuOrc MaleHunter1006| Rank 610600
ConsqtOrc MaleWarrior936| Rank 611770
TaejiTauren MaleWarrior1006| Rank 616140
TruexoUndead FemalePriest506| Rank 612315
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