HM Gara’jal Down!

Crimson vs 25man Heroic Gara’jal Realm First.

Straight up we need to apologize for the 10 second loss of footage (not sound) towards the end of the kill!

An extremely challenging boss that really required maximum output from our tanks rolling CD’s and calling for externals, our DPS doing absolutely everything they could to increase their damage, and our healers communicating and working dynamically to keep everyone alive.

Our strat?
Blood / Brewmaster tank
5 heals (druid, pally, disc, monk, shammy)
Heavy emphasis on dot cleave – 3 warlocks, 2 deathknights, 3 shadowpriests 1 boomkin. 3 Rogues rolling smoke bombs p2.

After two nights wiping at sub 5% – we were pretty happy to kill this punk and move on to something even more challenging – Spirit Kings!

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